Headphone characterization

Long-term exposure to sound may lead to damages and even losses in the auditory system. That is why the European directive 2003/10/CE dictates that sound exposure in the workplace should be regulated [1]. The French Law reflects this in the article …

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Active Headrest

Among our research activities, the active headrest is a typical topic as it encompasses many of our field of interest and expertise.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been leading a collaborative project aimed at developing an innovative active acoustic headrest.


Our customers are mainly R&D services of large industrial groups. We help them to create or improve electroacoustic devices or functions used in their products. Our expertise involves designing, enhancing, modeling, characterizing sound processing and reproduction devices, as well as …

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We develop custom software for audio measurements and processing but also for demonstrating the performance of algorithms ( Active noise control, 3D sound, data acquisition, Anti Feedback Control…) MAT FRF MAT FRF is a Matlab interface dedicated to the acquisition …

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Perceived acoustic environment

Recordings, measurement or listening tests may be used to assess the impact of acoustic environment when designing new generations of transportation means. ARTEAC-LAB has managed in-situ recording campaigns allowing to specify adequate noise levels for selected customer profiles.

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