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Job offer : R&D Acoustic Project Engineer

As part of the expansion of our R&D internal projects and service offerings, we are offering a permanent position for an Acoustic Project Engineer. Your responsibilities will include:

Job description

  • Participation in technical developments for client projects and internal R&D :
    • Technological monitoring.
    • In-depth concept exploration.
    • Test specification and execution.
    • Development/utilization of analysis codes using Matlab or Python.
    • Preparation of technical reports (in French and English).

  • Client project management:
    • Preparation of technical and commercial proposals.
    • Project monitoring in coordination with our clients and partners.
    • Quality control of deliverables (reports, specific Matlab or Python code, etc.).
    • Facilitation of meetings and technical presentations.

As our clients are predominantly French, the work is primarily conducted in French

Work Environment

Our offices are located in downtown Marseille, just steps away from the train station, the old port, and lively neighborhoods. We also have an office at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics in Marseille. As part of your role, you may occasionally travel within France and potentially abroad (approximately one trip per month). Given the small size of our team and our growth potential, the position may quickly evolve into a role with greater responsibilities.

Candidate profile

You hold an engineering degree in acoustics, preferably with a doctorate, and share our passion for sound (audio, music). You possess one or more competencies in our scientific areas:

  • Audio signal processing.
  • Adaptive filtering / Active noise control.
  • Acoustic field control, Sound Zone.
  • Design and characterization of electroacoustic sources.
  • Capture and spatialized sound reproduction.

You have substantial experience (5 years or more) in R&D within the industrial sector, gained in an engineering office and/or in an acoustic engineering service, which will enable you to quickly take on project management responsibilities. You are proficient in Matlab and/or Python, and ideally have some knowledge of the C language. You enjoy working in a team and learning from others. You demonstrate scientific rigor, inventiveness, and strong synthesis skills. You possess the essential interpersonal qualities to lead projects, interacting between our team of engineers/doctors, our partners, and our clients. You have excellent writing skills in both French and English.

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