ARTEAC-LAB is an innovative young company based in Marseille, specializing in electroacoustic systems engineering. Established in 2019 through a partnership with the CNRS Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics, from which one of the founders hails, our company operates in two main areas:

  • R&D services for large industrial groups and startups.
  • Internal development of cutting-edge technologies, industrialized in collaboration with licensing partners.

For our industrial clients, primarily in the transportation sector, our expertise involves designing, enhancing, modeling, characterizing sound processing and reproduction devices, as well as active noise control. In a broader context, we also address issues related to acoustic comfort and speech intelligibility. Our internal research activities are based on in-depth expertise in transducers, acoustic field control, and audio signal processing. The potential applications are diverse:

  • Sound zoning of delimited spaces (« Sound Zone »).
  • Creation of silent and/or confidential zones.
  • Enhancement of audio intelligibility and quality.

We have patented an innovative technology for adaptive anti-feedback control and are in the phase of commercializing the licenses.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been leading a collaborative project aimed at developing an innovative active acoustic headrest.